Day Hire

Whether you need a Director and a camera crew for a day, or you need interviews filmed and the footage delivered, we have you covered. Our crew is extremely flexible with scheduling and because all our cameras, lights, audio and equipment are in-house, we can gear up and take care of all your needs.  Please check out our EQUIPMENT page.

Our day rates vary, so please email here for more information.  Depending on the amount of crew and cameras, variations of gear and equipment, setup, hours and transfer time… all of these factor into the budget.




Director / Cinematographer / Producer: Founder and Creative Principal of Rough Edit Inc; Emrys has enjoyed an amazing 14 year career in the video and film production industry, that’s given me a depth of understanding of my customers challenges. He possesses a vast knowledge of camera equipment, lenses and techniques. Emrys has developed Rough Edit Inc’s workflow to be the most advanced of its kind, utilizing cutting edge software and camera technology. Unique in his style because he understands every level of production, from shooting and editing to writing and development.

Resume: Click Here

Camera Proficiencies:

Phantom Miro
RED Weapon
RED Scarlet-X
Sony NEX-FS700
Canon 1D-X
Canon C500
Canon C300
Canon C100
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 7D
GoPro Hero 3
GoPro Hero 4

Application Proficiencies:

Final Cut Pro 7
Final Cut Pro X
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe SpeedGrade CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Lightroom 4
Adobe Illustrator CC
Cinema 4D

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