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Ultimately, Branded Content gives the brand an opportunity to connect with its audience in a unique, engaging way. By using media to tell an entertaining story, you establish a connection between the positive feelings viewers felt while consuming your content and your brand.




73% of content creators plan to prioritize creating more engaging content in 2016, and 55% plan to prioritize creating visual content.

— Content Marketing Institute —


Branded Content Benefits

Most companies use partnerships with creatives, artists and professional media companies to craft custom branded entertainment content. These alliances allow companies to publish a truly engaging piece of content. Without them, you’re left to the limited creativity of your in-house team. Everyone has a story to share, if you don’t think so you’re likely not asking the right questions. Furthermore, everyone’s story has an audience who genuinely wants to hear your story.


Influencers need content to share to their audience – Your audience.



Every brand should have a narrative that extends beyond its advertising campaigns. Things like story arc, characters and plot development strengthen the overall impact of your brand. Using branded entertainment is, inherently, a storytelling technique, so it stands to reason that using it will cause you to evaluate these portions of your brand. The result is a reinforced brand story that feels more honed and focused on your core values, message and mission.


There is a lot more to professional photography than clicking the button! From photo styling and composition to lighting and digital post production we will make you look your best.


Ogilvy refers to this benefit as emotional engagement or brand engagement. It’s the element of entertainment that captures our imagination. And when that happens, your brand creates a level of intrigue, provokes the audience to action, and invites an open dialogue.


And I don’t know a brand in the world that wouldn’t love that type of engagement.

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