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Recently I’ve become more and more interested in the amazing community of professional and amateur photographers on the smart phone app Instagram (@instagram). Shout out to Cameron (@CameronDeArmond) for introducing me to the more interesting side of it. This community has some of the most amazingly inspiring pieces of work with one common factor linking them all…a 1×1 ratio. It’s amazing how fast you become accustomed to the square format. Plus I just finding out that there are some great community challenges for artists and photographers to take part in.

One of the main apps I’ve just been introduced to is After Glow (#AfterGlow). I love the ease of use and how you can really drill down into settings similar to lightroom.

Self Portrait, Beach Day // #afterglow #vscocam #mextures #ndpatterns

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Tide pool Life #Beach #Coast #California

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Brand Park Trail #Hipstamatic #Tinto1884 #CTypePlate

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Another great app is Hipstamatic (#hipstamatic). This app acts like the old Hipstamatic cameras that had different lenses, flashes and film stock. A really cool feature is the ability to randomly select those by just shaking the phone.
Here are some of the inspiring people I follow:

@cubbygraham vs @tonycross #journeystothedarkside

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golden hour at its finest

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fifty six | three sixty five #365stevenalan GIANT DISCO BALL!! Let's dance!!

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#tbt When we went on our first Deep Sea Fishing Trip #vsco #vscocam #erexplore #mkexplore

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