Today’s Inspiration: Paperman

This incredibly endearing and amazingly well animated short focuses on a man’s desperate efforts to attract the attention of a beautiful young lady in the a building adjacent to his, after spotting her on his morning commute. The animation, which is directed by John Kahrs (@john_kahrs), uses a new technology to help merge 3D animation with cell drawn animation, and the effects are amazing. This short has also been nominated for an Academy Award (Best Animated Short Nomination) Disney Animation Studios (@DisneyAnimation) is one those companies I’ve always had a dream of working with one day; Especially now since John Lasseter has such a huge influence on the direction of the storytelling. I’ve felt for quite awhile that Animation is an incredible resource for live-action filmmakers to use as inspiration for lighting and camera technique. Not to mention the amazing storytelling structure and execution that these Animations display.

Here are a few Behind-The-Scenes clips on the making of Paperman as well:




Posted on January 30, 2013 in Animation, Art, Inspiration

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